Trendy Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroom cabinets storage _ Transitions RemodelingAre you thinking about remodeling your bathroom but are trying to work with a tight space? If you are sick of having a bathroom counter full of small items that always get in your way, you may want to get creative with storage. New trends in bathroom design have shown that contractors and homeowners can do a lot with a small space. When you are considering bathroom design in Rochester, MI, keep these neat storage ideas in mind. For bathrooms tight on space, empty corners mean wasted space. By adding shelving to the corners of both your bathroom and your shower, you can make use of this otherwise vacant space. When looking into corner shelving, think about how you can use different materials to complement and highlight the other design features and colors in your bathroom. Nooks are also a great way to make storage space during your bathroom design in Rochester, MI. Small open shelves built straight into your walls, nooks offer practicality without creating clutter. Before your bathroom walls are tiled, pick a few convenient places for nooks. You can even select a colorful tile or eye-catching design to make the storage spot an accent. You can also maximize space in a small bathroom with smartly designed drawers and cabinets. When remodeling, your contractor can add shelving beneath your sink so that none of the under-sink storage space goes to waste. In addition, custom drawers can contain two layers, a stationary layer beneath with smaller sliding containers above. Drawers like these allow you to store more items with greater organization. In addition, narrow tilt out drawers can hold items like toothbrushes and combs without taking up a lot of space. If optimizing storage is on your mind when thinking about bathroom design in Rochester, MI, you may benefit from these space-saving tips. Using these clever storage ideas in your bathroom remodeling can transform even the smallest room.