Seeking an Experienced Residential Remodeling Contractor Near Farmington Hills, MI?

At Transitions Remodeling, Life Happens Here

When we founded Transitions Remodeling in 2011 the goal was to provide a unique experience where you can bring your home remodeling vision to an inviting showroom, meet with design professionals and be inspired all under one roof. We want our customers to get the most out of their space and their budget. That’s why we have provided free professional design services from the first day we opened.

The talented design team we have at our Farmington Hills location love what they do and make the process fun and exciting as they help change the way people live in their homes.

The Design Process is a critical step in any home-remodeling project, but even the best designs in the world rely on the skill and experience of exceptional craftsman to bring that vision to life. We have a dedicated crew of carpenters and production managers. It makes a difference when it comes to the quality and craftsmanship to complete your project.

Old World Craftsmanship Isn’t Dead–It’s Alive & Thriving at Transitions Remodeling

It’s A Matter Of Experience, Training, Oversight, and A Thirst For Excellence.

That’s why we are extraordinarily picky when it comes to who we hire. In fact, four of our lead carpenters have over 25 years of experience…each.

So how is it that our carpenters (and production managers) have been in an industry for decades when most don’t last much more than three to five years? The answer is simple: passion. They absolutely love what they do and take extraordinary pride in their work. This pride in their work is the common denominator that they share, and it is what drives them to deliver excellence in everything they do.

We have always believed that if you take care of your customers they will take care of you.

That’s why, at Transitions Remodeling in Farmington Hills, you will ALWAYS have a designated designer and lead carpenter assigned to your home-remodeling project. It’s why you have direct access to the owner and why you are never left to wonder what it is we are doing. In short, we never leave you guessing.

If we sound like a home-remodeling contractor in Farmington Hills that you would like to do business with and know — with absolute certainty — that you are going to be taken care of, you should give us a call and set an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.