Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling A Home Is Never As “Cut & Dry” As Many Would Have You Believe…So It’s Only Natural If You Have Some Questions About A Home-Remodeling Project

The whole concept on which Transitions Remodeling was founded is based on educating our clients. Helping them make informed decisions. We consolidated our belief system into two simple yet profound core values:

We Don’t Sell—We Educate And Inform.
Every Budget Deserves A Great Design.

You can read more about our core values, our team, and our company by visiting our about us page. But here is a list of some of the more popular questions we get… just in case you were wondering the same.

  • Q:

    What Is The “Design Consultation”?


    The Design Consultation is by far the most important step to any home-remodeling project. This is where your dream—your vision—will come to life. We pair you with an award-winning designer and a lead carpenter, who work together, to match your dream to your budget. After all, every budget deserves a great design. Once we understand want you want to accomplish we help you understand how we are going to get there by collaborating with you on the products that will meet your goals—education over intimidation.

    Bottom Line: our process and protocols are specifically designed to find out EXACTLY what it is that you want and then delivering on that vision.

    To learn more about the design consultation and our approach to every home-remodeling project, visit our “What To Expect” page. Remember, we believe every budget deserves a great design, so we are going to take the time to make sure we get it EXACTLY right. Believe it or not, many times our clients are amazed how affordable their dream kitchen or bath can be.

  • Q:

    Aren’t All Remodelers Basically the Same?


    Actually, yes… and no. Here is what we mean by that. All surgeons are basically the same right? But let’s say — for argument’s sake — that you just had a heart attack. You have just been informed that you need a quadruple bypass. So, who do you want performing the surgery? A fresh, newly minted surgeon, right out of residency or the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery At Harvard Medical with over 25+ years of experience?

    Why then is it any different with your home?

  • Q:

    Won’t Most Remodelers Deliver What You Ask For?


    Again, yes… and no. While most homeowners today know EXACTLY what they want, the reality is that the industry is constantly changing. It’s hard, even for professionals, to keep up with all these changes. Most of these changes occur with hardware and materials and not necessarily the products you may want. For example, kitchen cabinets, in and of themselves have not changed much over the years, but the hardware and the “best” practices for installation have.

    The other issue you have is the built in ambiguity of the system that some home-remodeling contractor will use to their advantage. For example, something as simple as a light switch can have a profound impact not only the visual aesthetic of the remodel but your budget as well.

    Case in point: did you know that at one “big-box” retailer alone there are over 490 different light switches to choose from? So what happens if a less than reputable contractor quotes a price for a vague line item that simply says: replace light switches? And he quotes you a phenomenal price of $20 per light switch? Well, what EXACTLY is he going to replace them with? A simple dual position toggle switch is about $0.79? But what if what you really wanted was a soft touch, extra wide rocker switch with a built-in dimmer and motion sensor? Well, that’s can run about $130.00 a light switch. Now multiply that by the number of light switches you want replaced.

    That is why we educate, we inform, you decide.

    We believe that you are the best person to know EXACTLY what you want, so we ask a lot of questions to find out what that is and then educate you on your choices. We then draft a meticulous work proposal that leaves nothing to chance… where everything is spelled out. That way you know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you are paying for.

  • Q:

    I Don’t Have $100,000 For A Remodel… What Are My Options?


    Relax. You are not alone… it’s one of the main reasons we founded our company on the principle that all budgets deserve a great design. It’s upsetting that so many homeowners believe they have to have a large amount of money for a home-remodeling project. Nothing could be further from the truth. You would be amazed at what we can do for as little as $25,000, $20,000 even $15,000.

    Give us a call and let’s explore — together — the absolute best options for you and your budget.

  • Q:

    What Specifically Do You Mean When You Say “No Games. No Gimmicks. No ‘Gotchas.’”


    Seriously, this is not some catchy slogan or cute cliché; it’s the absolute, unmitigated and unvarnished truth. It has everything to do with how we communicate with you, our relentless attention to detail and the absolute passion we have for the industry.

    In short, we have built Transitions Remodeling with you, the homeowner, foremost in our mind. We recognize the difficulties and pitfalls associated with remodeling a home, and we have done everything in our power to remove them. We go to great lengths to ensure that the remodel you want is the remodel you get… on time and on budget.