A Standalone Island Can Transform Your Kitchen

kitchen islandNot only do standalone kitchen islands give a stylish and modern look to your kitchen, but they also offer convenience and utility that make them a great addition to your home. If you are thinking about beginning kitchen remodeling in West Bloomfield Township, consider how adding an island to your kitchen could transform the room. Islands can include great features that could be the right fit for your home’s needs. First of all, islands offer storage space that can be very useful, especially in smaller kitchens. Some islands have cut out corners with shelving where you can keep cookbooks or accessories. Your remodeling contractor could also fit the island with a cabinet, which could be great for storing wine glasses or cups. Another neat storage idea for kitchen remodeling in West Bloomfield Township is the addition of wine cubbies. A square of cutouts designed for wine bottles can be a great use of the space. Kitchen islands also give you more seating in your kitchen and are great for entertaining guests or just for reading the newspaper with your morning coffee. Your seating can be another design element that allows you to put a creative touch on your home. With your remodeling contractor, consider adding brightly colored, abstractly shaped, or interestingly designed bar stools to your island. Extended islands can even offer more substantial, table-like seating that can be used for meals. When planning a kitchen renovation, you can also think about other options for your island. Making the island two different levels makes it a dynamic feature with more versatile functionality. Adding contrasting dark and light colors – like dark cabinetry with light polished countertops – can also be a classy look. You can even elect for a more unique shape for your island, like a semi-circle. Your remodeling contractor for kitchen remodeling in West Bloomfield Township will offer you many features for your kitchen, and an island is one of the most versatile and popular design options you can add.