3 Great Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

When you remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of unique and interesting things you can do with just your cabinets. Focusing on your cabinets first can also save you money, or at least spread out your costs into manageable chunks. As you get ready for some kitchen remodeling in Canton, MI, consider these three cabinet ideas to make your kitchen stand out.

Finished panels

If you have a peninsula or an island, there are going to be panels that may look unfinished.  There are options for avoiding that!  There are plain end panels that just give a great finished look, or decorative end panels that look just like your cabinet doors but are fixed in place.  While it’s not necessary, this ties the whole set together very well.  Be sure to ask your designer to show you these options during the design phase.

Open or Glass-Doored Cabinets

If you have beautiful, rare or unique dishware, then consider cabinetry that shows off what’s inside. Cabinets with either no doors or glass doors offer a peek into your dinner collection. Combine this with some  color for huge effect. There’s no need to worry about cluttered food items, it’s possible to design for some cabinets to hide their contents while others are for display.

Unique Hardware

Maybe your cabinets look so ordinary because they have ordinary hardware, or no hardware at all! Look through a variety of hardware options to find the one that best suits your kitchen. From sparkling glass knobs to metals of different colors with different finishes to handles shaped like bananas, you’re sure to find something unique that makes your kitchen a standout.

Try out any of these ideas to revive your kitchen cabinets. Why not try all three? Whether it’s just your cabinets that need an update or your whole kitchen, keep these tips in mind to create a unique look you’re sure to love. For all your needs relating to kitchen remodeling in Canton, MI, look for a local and experienced company willing to listen to your input.